Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Weekend in Cork Haul

You may have noticed that I'm a day or so late with this weeks post. That's because I just arrived home from Cork last night after spending the weekend celebrating my cousin's birthday. I had planned to do a little "weekend away" post but the night before I left my camera decided to break.

I hadn't planned to go shopping at all but we made a "quick" trip into Penneys for "underwear" and one thing led to another... I then encountered a Wet 'n Wild stand in Dunnes on my way to the bus station and got very excited and picked up a few bits that caught my eye. Now this is a haul post.

I love buttoned blouses with collars but have a very had time finding any that fit across my chest without also being 3 sizes too big everywhere else. I found these 2 tops with collars and buttons down the front, however these guys aren't actual button ups so I don't have to worry about them bulging at the seams. I'm also someone who buys an item in every colour if I find something I like so I picked it up in black and cream.

They're full length, just folded over for the pictre. €8 each

Being a total sucker for black boots, I saw these guys on the sale stand marked down from €20 to €9, obviously I couldn't just leave them there. I love the buckles and the hooked eyelets.

I was very happy to find a pack of 40 seamless hair ties for €1.50 as opposed to the usual pack of 14 that I spend €3.70+ on in Superdrug. I also picked up another pair of tights and the intended underwear (you guys don't really need to see that though).

I got these few items from the Wet n Wild stand:

  • Cover All concealer palette which I'm looking forward to comparing to my Catrice All Round concealer palette. This one has a pink section for any blue toned skin corrections, a green section for any redness, a shimmery white section for highlighting and a beige coloured section for general concealing.
  • Megaslicks Balm Stain lip crayon in the shade Red-dy or Not
  • Coloricon Blusher in the shade Mellow Wine
  • Megalast Nail Color in the shade Through the Grapevine 
  • Juicy Lip Balm in the flavour Watermelon. My main reason for picking this up was that it reminded me so much of these giant Lip Smackers my sister and I got in America.

I haven't opened or tried any of them so feel free to let me know if you have any of them and what you think.

Last but not least is my Naked Palette and Naked Palette 2. I didn't technically buy these in Cork  but they did arrive while I was away so they can go in here too. I can't wait to start using them!

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got over the weekend and I'll talk to you all soon. :)


  1. Hello, I nominated you for the Liebster award! Feel free to do it, but only if you want to :)-Jade xo from jade-amber-rose.blogspot.co.uk


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