Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Wet n Wild Liquid Lip Color - Review

I recently purchased the Wet n Wild Liquid Lip Color in the shade Pocketful of Roses.

I just realised, I left it French side up woops!

I was really looking forward to using it as the colour is so unusual, a deep pink verging on purple. 
It has a flat applicator, not as long and thin as the Essence XXL Shine gloss but still good for precision application.

The consistency is thick, much like most liquid lipsticks. However, it's incredibly sticky and just doesn't dry.

I took this picture just after applying it to my hand but this is as dry as it gets. 
Think in Primary School when you get a really thick layer of poster paint on your painting and you're left with wet ridges of paint that never dry. 

I took this picture about half an hour after application. As you can see, it's dry and crinkled. It's also so sticky it feels like semi-dry superglue. 

As you can see, it looks just as dry and flaky on my lips as it does on my hand. Again, it stayed incredibly sticky and stuck my lips together as if I'd added eyelash glue to the mixture. I didn't leave this on for more than an hour each time I tried it, but I can imagine over a few hours, chunks of it would flake off.

Trying to remove this was a whole other ordeal. It doesn't budge. If it was any good, I'd be rejoicing over the staying power.
I applied some Garnier Micellar Water to a cotton pad and wiped, scrubed and scratched. I then did the same with some q-tips. After about 10 minutes, I'd gotten the majority of the sticky, clumpy mess off my face. 

I suggest not wasting your money on Wet n Wild Liquid Lip Colours if the rest of them are anything like Pocketful of Roses. 

What annoys me the most is that I've loved every other makeup product I've purchased from Wet n Wild so I expected pretty good results.

Let me know if you've tried any of these as I'd love to know how they worked (or didn't work) for you. 
Thanks for reading :) 

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Monday, 28 April 2014

Makeup and Lush Haul

As you know, I was in Dublin on Saturday so I decided to get some shopping in. I didn't go too insane but I really wanted to show you guys what I got because haul posts are my favourite kind of posts.

Living in Wexford - the town that cosmetic companies forgot - we still don't have a Wet n' Wild stand and probably won't be getting one in the near future so myself and LilliWhiteRose headed straight to Dunnes to pick up a few pieces. Surprisingly I only picked up two items, I think I was overwhelmed with choice.

I got the ColorIcon 5 pan eyeshadow palette in The Naked Truth and a MegaLast lipgloss in the shade Pocketful of Roses E928A.

We then popped into Boots where I planned to only get one item. As if. Obviously I had to avail of the 3 for 2 offer or I would have seemed rude.

I picked up the Soap&Glory Kick-Ass Concealer in the shade medium which I'm so excited to use after hearing so many good things about it.
I instantly fell in love with this Eco Tools Fresh & Flawless five piece brush set and couldn't even consider leaving it behind. Probably my favourite purchase of the day. Are they not the prettiest brushes ever? I think I'll do a full review of these soon.

I couldn't decide what to get as my third item so I settled on nail polish. I picked up the Rimmel I Heart Lasting Finish in the shade Pop Your Pink.

Finally we went to Lush. 

I decided on a Sex Bomb bath balistic, Titsy Totsy bath ballistic and King of Skin massage bar.
I'm looking forward to using Titsy Totsy as I've never tried it before and I really like the idea of having petals in my bath. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you did. :)
Thanks for reading

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

#LLAMmeetup 26th April 2014

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending #LLAMmeetup organised by the gorgeous Hannah from Love Life and Makeup. I had such a brilliant time and with 50 of us, I got to meet so many bloggers! I don't think I stopped laughing all day.

The event was held in the Russell Court Hotel in Dublin. It was a beautiful venue and I felt very welcome by the staff. I would have loved to have seen more of the hotel but what I did see was definitely my cup of tea.

We watched a demonstration by Nima Brushes followed by Benefit, both of which were great. I loved seeing all the products in action and learning about the new products on the way.

We received goodie bags which was totally unnecessary but greatly appreciated that contained some lovely treats.

I'm really excited to try out the Balmi lip balm and Burt's Bees minis and... basically everything! 

I also somehow managed to win a raffle prize! I never win anything... ever! I was over the moon when my number was called. I won a hamper full of amazing items. The money raised is going to Breast Cancer Awareness.

I was so happy to see two Precious Polishes in my prize. I got a beautiful glitter called Holo Silver and a lovely pearlescent yellow named Lemon Pop. I received three sets of iNailz which I'm really excited to try. I also got the Cocoa Brown  Lovely Legs Spray, Gentle Bronze and 1 Hour Tan Mousse in the new dark shade. Last but not least, probably my favourite item, a beautiful bracelet from Stella & Dot.


Here's some pictures of our shenanigans

I want to say a massive thank you and congratulations to Hannah for organising this event. She did an amazing job and I think I speak for everyone there when I say I had a great time! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned tomorrow for a little Dublin shopping haul.
Thanks for reading! :) 

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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Top 3 Anti-Fatigue Tips

Apologies for being MIA for the past week everyone, to say that I'm absolutely smothering with a cough and cold is an understatement. 
However, being sick has made me realise how much I take healthy looking skin for granted. 
There's three main products I've been using to brighten up my face for the past couple of days so I thought I'd share them with you.

The first thing I like to do is conceal under my eyes. I use the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer in the shade 40 Soft Beige. It claims to have an anti-fatigue effect and give you a radiant glow. It contains tiny light reflecting particles that brighten up your skin. I really like to use this around the eye area to cancel out any darkness. 

Keeping with the eye area, a little white eyeliner goes a long way in making you look awake. By using a white or nude eyeliner on the waterline, you make your eyes look wider and brighter. I use the MUA Intense Colour eyeliner in the shade Snow White. 

My final tip is to highlight. It's no secret that I love highlighting. As I've mentioned many times before, I use the MeMeMe Beat the Blues highlighter in the shade Pearl Pink. By dabbing this along the cheek bones, brow bone and Cupid's bow, your face has an instant healthy glow without looking sparkly. I also occasionally pop some of this into the inner corners of my eyes to add some extra brightness.

If you have any tips on how to look a little less like an extra from The Walking Dead then please let me know as I'd love to try them. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! :)
Thanks for reading ♥ 
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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easy DIY Easter Tree

My grandma loves to set up an Easter tree every year and I just think it's such a cute and easy thing to do to bring a bit of Spring into your home.

To create something like this you just need to pop a few small branches into a vase or some sort of container. This is decorated with little coloured eggs on ribbon but you can use your own choice of ribbon or string to tie bows around the branches. As long as you keep the colours a little pastel and girly, it'll look great. 

All of these things can be found in Pound shops so it's not going to cost more than a few euro to put together. 
Of course with every Easter tree, you need Easter chicks either wearing very cute hats or in little nests with their baby chicks.

Do any of you like to decorate for Easter? Let me know what you do! 
Thanks for reading. 
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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Nail Colours to Complement Your Tan

I've seen a lot of posts recently about nail colours to make your tan stand out.
I have extremely olive toned skin so I tend to have a year round tan, except on my hands. I don't know why but my hand-tan fades so quickly which results in very pale, very green toned skin. 
I've decided to put together a post of the nail polishes that I love to use to really complement my skin tone as well as really make my tan pop.  
Extremely bright shades will always make you look more tanned but if you're not a florescent nail kinda gal, then I suggest giving some of these a try.

From thumb to baby finger, I'm wearing:
Essie - Mint Candy Apple
Essie - Cute As A Button
Catrice - Pimp My Shrimp
Sally Hanson - Vitamin Sea
NYC - Greenwich Village

Let me know if you have any nail polish recommendations or if you love using any of the ones I mentioned here.
Thanks for reading :)
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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Daisies and Dogs: Thursday Photo Fun

Today was the first day I've not been sick since last Thursday so I really wanted to get outside for a while.
I took my camera out to the garden with me and decided to snap a few photos of the flowers and my dog. Mainly my dog. 
I'm no photographer but I figured I'd share a few of them with you guys. 
Enjoy :)

This is one of my favourite flowers ever, it's some form of Daisy but that's all I know

This is Misty's "I want to eat that bird" face.

An extremely vibrant red geranium 

New Fuchsia buds complete with the remainder of  a spider web

Guarding her flower pot from any near by birds... It's a dangerous world out there for tiny dogs.

Not sure what these flowers are but I thought they were cute

Rolling in poop. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

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Monday, 7 April 2014

Budget Buy #2: Catrice Sweet Coraline Lipstick

I've really wanted to try a more orange toned, coral lipstick for ages but I was worried it wouldn't suit the green/yellow undertones of my skin.
With this in mind I set myself the task of finding an easy to wear coral shade with a slight orange-ness about it. I didn't want to spend more than €5 in case it really didn't suit so I popped to my nearest Catrice stand as I knew their lipsticks are pretty good quality and very well priced.

The shade that caught my eye straight away was 290 Sweet Coraline.

I swatched it on my hand and it seemed just what I was looking for so I decided to buy it. 
It's a lovely coral orange with a slightly matte finish. It's highly pigmented and has a very creamy consistency.

I found when I first applied it, it was a little... meh but after leaving it for about 15 minutes, it had set and left me with a lovely finish.

As you can see, it does settle into any cracks you may have on your lips so using a lip scrub before applying this is a good idea. 
I think my lips must absorb lip products because this lasted for so long when I wore it on Saturday. It looked as though I'd only just applied it even after having dinner. 
For €4.49 this was a total bargain.
The pictures don't do the colour justice, it's a lovely vibrant shade but not "in your face" so it's very easy to wear.
I have a feeling I'll be reaching for this lipstick every time I do my makeup over the next couple of months.
I hope you enjoyed this review, thanks for stopping by.  

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Precious Polish - Pompous Purple Review

A couple of weeks ago, I contacted by Anita from Precious Polish and asked if I'd like to give one of her polishes a try.
I'm a total nail addict so of course I said yes. 
I didn't know what I was being sent other than the fact it was a glitter polish. 
When it arrived I was delighted to see it was a purple glitter called Pompous Purple which is part of the Glitterazzi range.

The polish is loaded with medium sized purple hexagons and tiny little golden specks that add a lovely shimmer in natural lighting.
All the glitter pieces are solvent resistant so there's no bleeding or wearing away of colour when you pop this on top of another polish.

I decided to swatch it over a couple of different colours. 

On my index finger I'm wearing Essence - Free Hugs with two coats of Pompous Purple
On my middle finger is Wet n Wild -Through the Grapevine with one coat of Pompous Purple
On my ring finger I have two coats of Pompus Purple over a clear base coat
On my baby finger is Barry M - Grey with one coat of Pompous Purple

As you can see, one coat gives a good layer of glitter and looks very pretty and subtle on darker base colours.
Two coats are necessary on top of lighter base shades or the glitter looks a little sparse. 

What I loved about this polish is that it didn't catch on my clothes or hair like a lot of glitter polishes can. 
I didn't apply a top coat so I could see how well it would wear. 
The only nail that chipped was the one with the pink Essence shade but I put that down to it being an Essence polish. 
Apart from that one small chip, I showered, washed my hair, did some house work, baked a cake and walked my dog without a single issue. 
By the third day I found the glitter was beginning to catch on things but it was nothing a layer of top coat wouldn't fix. 
Overall I'm very pleased with this nail polish.

If you pop over to the Precious Polish shop, you'll see that as well as the "Glitterazzi" range, there is a wide variety of non-glitter nail colours in the "A Splash of Colour" range. These all retail for €7.

That's not all though, Anita can hook you up with your own custom made polish. For €8 you can create a polish by selecting a shade from the Splash of Colour range and then picking up to two Glitterazzi shades to combine with it. 

I know I'll be getting my hands on some more Precious Polishes very soon and I suggest you give them a whirl too. 

They're surprisingly good quality, there's a huge variety to choose from and with the option of creating your own polish, these are a winner in my book. 

Let me know if you decide to give them a try! 
Thanks for reading :) 

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