Monday, 13 January 2014

What's in my Bag

I love seeing what other people are carrying in there bags because, lets face it, I'm pretty nosy.
Today I'm going to run through what I carry with me on a trip into town or when I'm out and about in general. Depending on where I'm going, the contents of my bag will vary.

I try not to carry too many unnecessary items because there's nothing as embarrassing as pulling out your purse and having a plastic spoon go flying at the person behind the cash register. Yes that has happened to me. Lets move on.

In the front pouch of my bag you will find a daily planner, passport and pen. I'm constantly back and forth between doctors so it's really handy for me to be able to quickly jot down an appointment or make sure I'm free on a certain date. I prefer this to using my phone's calendar because I know it's not going to glitch and delete all my times and dates. 

In the main section of my bag a.k.a the abyss, you will find all the things I probably don't need but carry anyway. 

At the moment I'm carrying:
A tube of Soap&Glory Hand Food to keep my hands from getting too dry.
My purse which was a gift and is probably 4 years old but I can never find one that's as nice to use. 
A pair of gloves because my hands are always freezing. 
A mini hand sanitiser because not everybody who uses the bathroom also washes their hands. 
A nail file in it's own little case from Penneys which is so handy because it doesn't snag on anything inside my bag. 
My phone charger because my phone battery is horrendous. 
A little zip bag with my painkillers etc. inside that came as a freebie on a magazine.
My Tangle Teezer for any hair brushing needs.

 Finally in the inside pouch I carry all the little bits and bobs I need easy access to. 

In here I usually carry a hand mirror, chewing gum, gogo for my hair, lip balm and whatever lip product I'm using that day.

My cute fox bag was a Christmas present from my grandma and I'm not sure where it came from but I know it was just under €40 because she left the price tag on. 

I hope you've enjoyed snooping inside my handbag. Let me know if you carry anything a bit odd in your bag or if the contents of your handbag are completely different to mine. 
Thanks for reading :)  


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