Monday, 20 January 2014

L'oreal Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara Review

I don't know where to begin with this mascara. I loved the results but disliked everything else about it.
I'm just going to break it down so that you can see just what I thought of it.

Miss Manga features a 360 degree flexible conical wand meant for "effortless application".

I have no idea why they included this feature because other than being completely pointless, it makes for such a messy application. The wand bounces as you run it through your lashes so it splashes around your face. This flexible wand is the main selling point of this mascara and unfortunately, also it's downfall.

This mascara is formulated with "collagen spheres and polymers for ultimate volume and hold", both of which it delivers. It's buildable if you work quickly but if you allow one layer to dry before moving on to the next, it will become clumpy.

I found it quite difficult to apply to my lower lashes. It's as if it just wouldn't stick to them and by the end I had more mascara on my eye area than my lashes. I'm putting the mess down to the fact that I'm used to a spoon shaped wand though.

The first time I used this, I had to redo my left eye twice. Rather than my lashes fanning out, they stuck together and managed to produce 5 very thick lashes. I'm blaming the wobbly wand for this.
Even though I really didn't enjoy anything about using this mascara, the results were pretty amazing.

With the help of a Q-Tip to remove any mess, I was left with long, defined, thick lashes. I asked a few friends and family members what they thought and everyone agreed that my lashes looked wonderful.

Depending on how much lash action you like going on, this would be ideal for a smokey eye look or a night out.

I doubt I'll be repurchasing this when it runs out just because of the bendy wand. I love the formula and the results, I just didn't get on well with the application process.

Have you tried this mascara? How did you like it? Let me know in the comments. :) 


  1. Too bad the wand is so annoying, your lashes look gorgeous though! ♥

    Kelly || Amourtera


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