Monday, 30 December 2013

New Year... New You?

Hi guys! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and you're ready to take on 2014! 

Personally I'm not one for New Years resolutions because I never stick to them. I'm also a firm believer in "if something's not right, change it". Why wait for a new year to change something that's making you unhappy? Seize the day and all that. 
People seem to feel obliged to diet, exercise, cut down on alcohol and just generally take care of themselves a little better. That's all well and good but why even bother if you throw in the towel within 2 months? 
I think that if you make a resolution then make a reasonable one. Something you can actually achieve. 
There's no point in feeling angry at yourself for not being able to change your whole life over night. 
Why not decide to make sure you thank that driver that let you cross the road or smile at someone who looks like they're having a bad day? If someone makes you happy, let them know. If someone makes you sad, let them know. 
Rather than changing your physical appearance, why not try to make life a little more enjoyable for yourself. 
Maybe it's time to cut ties with that person who makes you miserable? Do it. Maybe you'd rather have more nights in with your family than nights out with the girls? Do that too. 
Stick to your convictions and don't let anybody make you feel bad for who you are or how you feel. 
Make 2014 your year by becoming you


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