Thursday, 2 October 2014

Fairypants - Irish Cream and Pina Colada Perfume Review

Fairypants are a vegan cosmetic company. They also sell jewellery and hair accessories. They believe that vegan doesn't mean boring and if you take a look at their products, I'm sure you'll agree. 

Fairypants recently launched a perfume range and kindly sent me a sample to review. 

What came through the door was a bit of a fail. The whole thing had been repackaged by the Post Office as the perfume had opened and leaked through the envelope. 
I was disappointed to say the least. 

The name had worn off (more so to the naked eye than in the picture) so I didn't even know what scent I had received. Not to mention I was left with only the smallest amount of product left in the tube. 

After getting in contact with them, I was immediately offered a replacement and an apology. They also helped me to determine I received the scent Irish Cream.

As I waited for my replacement, I began testing Irish Cream*.
What an incredible scent. I never thought I'd be able to describe a perfume as 'spicy' but it actually is. At first it's sweet but not sickening then you're hit with the nicest slightly spicy hint. 
They describe it as an initial hit of citrus and lavender that warms to toffee, ginger and vanilla. 
I can't handle most perfumes as they give me an instant migraine and an urge to vomit. My dad is the same so I was a little scared of spraying this in case we were both knocked out! 
There was no migraine or sick tummy with this. My dad actually loves this perfume and he is a hard man to please!
The scent lingers all day as if you'd just applied it which is something you don't even get with some high end perfumes.

When my replacement arrived, I was expecting Irish Cream. 
What came through the door was Pina Colada*. 
I've got to be honest, I really don't like it. 
It smells like coconut and pineapple and a few more fruity things. Something in it hits the back of my throat and makes me gag like some scented candles do. Again, I told my dad to smell it and he had the same thoughts as me.
I think if you like very sweet, fruity scents you'd like this. It would actually make a really good room spray but it's definitely not the perfume for me.   

There are 10 perfumes available in the new range. 5 of them are based on "sweet treats" and the other 5 are based on cocktails. They each retail for £12.50 and you can buy the two gift sets containing 5 perfumes each, for £50. 
If you type in "2014" at the checkout, you'll receive a 15% discount! 

I hope this post helped if you were thinking of trying out any of the Fairypants perfume range. :)

Thanks for reading! 


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