Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Disappointing Products

I was looking through my stash of beauty things the other day and a few items caught my eye and made me scowl.
You know those products that you just look at and think "you could have been money spent on something good..."? Well these are those kind of products:

Got2B Oil-Licious Dry Oil Mist with Agrgan Oil:

I love hair oils so a spray-on oil in a can sounded perfect to me. The very first time I used this, I was having an extremely frizzy hair day. I sprayed this on and my hair was instantly smooth and half the width. Unfortunately, this effect wore off in a matter of minutes. The next couple of times I used it, my ends looked and felt so brittle you could almost snap them off. Thankfully I got this on offer but I wouldn't buy it again even it was 50c.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paint in Golden Bronze:

The only reason this has made the list is it's lasting power - or lack thereof.

It comes with a doe-foot applicator that really picks up a lot of product. It applies wet but dries very quickly.
I love how amazing it looks when swatched, unfortunately it doesn't look as good as that on the eye. I feel like it soaks into the skin and doesn't leave you with the same metallic finish.

It hardly budges on my hand but on my eyelid, it just disappears. I don't have oily eyelids so I really don't know why it wears off so quickly. Oh well, such is life.

Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie:

When these launched, everyone was going mad trying to get their hands on them. Costing nearly €10, I went through all available online swatches and decided Berry Smoothie was the colour for me. 
The colour itself is lovely, the product smells sweet and it has a good colour pay off for a balm type formula. 

What I don't like about this is they market it as a moisturising lip product. When first applied, it's seems very nourishing but after a few minutes, it seems to really dry in and leaves my lips very cracked and sore. That might just be me though because I know Danielle and my mom, as well as lots of other people absolutely love these! 

Barry M Loud Mouth Lip Colour in Chatterbox:

This was actually a gift from the aforementioned Dani but I had actually planned on getting one before she even gave it to me. 

For me, this is just a runny, sticky mess. 

You squeeze the tube and WAY too much product comes out. You only need the smallest amount to dab in with your finger. It's impossible to use the applicator directly onto your lips because it will literally squirt into your mouth. 

I can't tell you how gently I squeezed it to get some product on my hand but I was left with enough for 12 people. 
If this dried properly, I wouldn't hate it as much but it just feel so sticky and disgusting. 

Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama Mascara:

Pick your jaw back up off the floor, The Falsies is still my favourite mascara but I really hated the Black Drama one. I raved about the waterproof version here but this just doesn't compare. It's quite sticky and runs under my eyes as well as getting a little clumpy. It dried out so quickly compared to my regular Falsies. I just really, really hated using this. Unless I got a dud mascara, this just doesn't compare to the rest of The Falsies Range.

Well done if you're still with me! I hope you enjoyed reading this post.
Let me know if you have any of these items and if you like them or not. Is there a product that you will always regret buying? 

Thanks for reading! :) 


  1. It's a shame Revlon Lip Butters have such a bad reaction on your lips, because I personally love mine! The falsies is also one of my faves but I've only tried the original, I'll be sure to stay away from this version x

    Beauty with charm | GIVEAWAY

    1. I'm glad they work for you because they have a lovely shade range and look on the lips :) Yeah avoiding that one is a good idea! xxxx

  2. I've only tried the Revlon lip butter out of all these products and I agree with you. It is definitely more of a lipstick type product rather than lip balm. It's a little annoying that a bunch of companies try to market lipstick as a lip balm, which only ends in disappointment.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! It really does just lead to disappointment, I wouldn't have minded if they'd called them lipsticks, at least then I'd know what I was buying! xxxx


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