Thursday, 25 September 2014

MeMeMe Beat the Blues Highlighter

I mentioned this in my Top Ten Tag post the other day but I didn't go into much detail because I it deserves a post of its own!

MeMeMe Beat the Blues Highlighter in Pear Pink is a liquid highlighter and Skin Illuminator.

It comes in a little bottle with a brush just like Benefit's High Beam. I don't have any picture comparisons but trust me, there is no difference between the two other than the price. High Beam comes in at €27.50 whereas Beat the Blues is a steal costing just €6.99.

When I use this, I tend to dot it onto my cheekbones with the applicator and then blend it along with either my finger or the brush I've used to apply my blush.
I also dab a little onto my Cupids Bow and sometimes the inner corners of my eyes.

Because it's a liquid highlighter, it's very easy to work with.

It blends seamlessly so you aren't left with a big chunk of it on your face, which can happen with some powder highlights.
I don't use highlighters that much for fear of looking like a Christmas tree topper but that's not a problem with Beat the Blues.
There's no massive pieces of glitter in this so it gives your skin a natural glow.
You also only need the smallest amount so it's going to last you ages!

Let me know if you like to use a highlighter when doing your makeup and what one you use.

I hope you enjoyed this review, thanks for reading! :) 


  1. I used to have the Benefit version and this is very similar even the packaging. I've never tried anything from that brand before x

    Beauty with charm

    1. This is the only product I own by MeMeMe but I've heard very good things about them! :) x


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