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Tresemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth System Review

By now, I'm sure you're all aware of how much I hate writing negative reviews but you'll also know that I'm not afraid to tell you if a product is absolute poop. This is one of those negative reviews and a slight rant so don't say I didn't warn you...

Tresemmé is a brand that prides itself on giving you salon quality products and results from home. I've used a few of their shampoos and conditioners in the past and thought they were pretty good. I'm also a big fan of their hairsprays. 
I'm always on the hunt for smoothing, straightening and frizz reducing products. 
When I heard about Tresemmé's new shampoo, conditioner and heat activated treatment system infused with keratin, I thought this could be the one. I've never been so wrong. 

I mentioned this in my Belfast Haul but the first time I tried this, it was during an insane heatwave that left the whole of Ireland sweating out their body weight daily. I put the failed results down to that and decided to try it out again properly for a couple of weeks once I got home. 
I used the shampoo and conditioner for 3 washes and had to stop as my scalp was constantly itching and burning.

The shampoo contains lower sulfates than the "leading Tresemmé shampoo".
When I used it, it certainly didn't lather as much as most shampoos so I assume they cut back on the SLS. The first time I used it, it left my hair feeling very clean but I did feel it left my ends quite stripped - no I don't shampoo my ends, it was the product that ran down from my scalp that made contact with them.

I was a little worried by how dry my ends felt so I applied the conditioner and let it sit for about 3 minutes. It has a thick and creamy consistency so I was a little shocked to find it didn't leave my hair feeling all that conditioned.

Now, they ask you to use the shampoo and conditioner for your next 4 washes to maintain the smoothness. I have to admit, my hair was still very wavy but it was much more tame. 

My main issue lies with this Heat Activated Treatment. I've tried it out twice and I refuse to try it again. 

The instructions say to apply 8-10 pumps of product to the lengths of your (medium length) wet hair. This leaves your hair very sticky but it disappears after straightening.

I applied 10 pumps the first time as I have long, thick hair and it was way too much. The next time, I used 8 and even though my hair felt incredibly full of product, it was an improvement. 

You then have to blow dry your hair. I never blow dry because I hate using unnecessary heat on my hair but I did it anyway. My hair came out like a bush and felt like it had been covered in PVA glue. 

The next step is to straighten. They say to go over each section 3-5 times to activate the Thermal Technology. The straightening process took the stickiness out of my hair but left the plates of my GHD destroyed. Half way through, my hair and straightener started steaming so hard, it smelt like something was on fire and I genuinely worried that the smoke alarms would go off. I had to turn it off and wait for it to cool down then switch it back on before moving on. 

I asked my sister to try the full system out too. After shampooing and conditioning, she applied 5 pumps to short, shoulder length hair. It was far too much, it left her hair sticky and stiff. Even after I dried and straightened it, her hair was sticky and felt full of product. She was far from impressed. 

There's no heat protection in this so I had to add even more product to my hair before drying and straightening.

My hair usually holds a straightening overnight so I did this before bed each time.
I woke up with wavy, straw like hair. 

I get better results from just using a heat protection spray, my straightner and a finishing oil.

My hair was so healthy and strong looking before this. At the moment, my ends have lost condition and look like straw. I put it down to using these as I never usually blow dry or use conditioners with parabens or sulfates. I'm genuinely considering getting my hair trimmed because of the state of it.

To top it all off, my GHD broke the day after using this for the second time. I'm not saying all the gunk that ended up nearly setting it on fire caused it, but it's quite the coincidence. 
To rub salt in the wound, Superdrug are selling the shampoo, conditioner and treatment for half price. ie: less than €4 as opposed to almost €8 each. So I didn't have to waste the equivalent of €25 on them if I'd waited to buy them at home.

This experience has put me off trying any more Tresemmé products. I'd rather stick to what I know and love than risk ruining my hair for the sake of a possible reduction in frizz. 

If you've tried these, let me know what you thought because every review I've seen is positive. I followed the instructions to a T and I've been straightening my hair since I was 12 so I know I did that part correctly.

My sister told me not to be making up excuses for a crappy product and she's right, this is a complete waste of money through no fault of my own.

Thanks for reading, I'll see you soon with a more positive post! 


  1. I just wash my hairs with alterna shampoo when I need silky hairs or when I go on outings. I have long and curly hairs, but after using this shampoo, my hairs looks so shiny and smooth. I use it twice in a week.


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