Thursday, 28 August 2014

Lush: Blackberry - Best Bath Bomb Ever

A few months ago, on one of my many visits to Lush in Dublin, my friend picked up a large, plain looking, lilac bath bomb. She said "smell this." I did, we looked at each other, had a little moment and then popped them straight in our baskets.

You know those scents that take you back and all you can describe them as, is "a smell from my childhood"? This is one of them.
It definitely has a smell of blackberry but not enough for someone to sniff it with their eyes closed and say "Oh that smells like blackberries!" What I'm trying to say is that it smells very good and you should go find one and sniff it. 

It's quite big as far as bath bombs go. It's around the same size as Big Blue and huge in comparison to something like Butterball.
My hand is roughly the same size as my 9 year old brother's so I'm not giving you much to go on but I can assure you, it's pretty big.

As with most Lush bath products, it's packed with essential oils. 
Blackberry contains Bergamot and Frankincense. The Lush website says Bergamot is used in aromatherapy to relieve anxiety and depression. Being a long time sufferer of both of these, I find this bath bomb incredibly relaxing and soothing. 

It's quite a long fizzer, taking about 4-5minutes to fully disolve. 
Once it finishes fizzing and you give the bath water a mix around, it turns the most amazing deep purple colour. 

I forgot to get a picture of the water mixed up but you get the idea.

You'll also find a little piece of paper floating in your bath that says "BOOM BOOM". Don't ask me what significance this has to anything but it's a cute touch. You can see the paper popping out in the picture below.

After having a bath with this, your skin is left feeling silky smooth.

My only issue is that it can stain the bath so the second the bath is empty, get scrubbing! Don't let any of the residue dry or you will not get it off. 

Threat of staining aside, this is officially my all time favourite bath bomb and I have two on standby with the intention of buying quite a few more!!

If you're looking to really relax and have a little time with your inner self, you should pick one of these up and run yourself a big ol' bath.

Thanks for reading! :) 


  1. That looks like an awesome bath bomb! I know what you mean about the stained tubs though, that's the downside to the bath bombs. I've tried one that had rose petals in it, and it made such a mess that took forever to clean up. But they are worth it :)

    1. It's so good!! I wish they weren't so hard to clean, it undoes all the relaxing you've done in the bath haha. I can image rose petals would make a mess! X

  2. This looks amazing I dunno how I've miss it in the shop till now! I will definitely be coking this up on my next visit to Lush :) hopefully I won't be scrubbing at the bath for too long after using it x

    Beauty with charm

    1. I think it's because it's so plain, it's not waky colours and covered in sparkles so your eyes skim over it! Definitely get it, you'll be pleased you did haha. Hopefully bath scrubbing won't be too much of an issue either :) xxxx

  3. OMG this looks AMAZING! Love purple! I got my first LUSH product yesterday and it is a bath bomb eeeep! :)

    (I'm terrified it will stain the bath though cause me mammy will kill me haha!!) xxx xx

    1. What one did you get?! :D You're going to be obsessed from now on haha.
      If you rinse it straight away it won't stain and I'm sure a bitta bleach will take it off ;) xxxx


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