Friday, 29 August 2014

Friday Favourites #1

Friday Favourites is another weekly feature I'm introducing to the blog as of today.
It's basically a round up of things I've really been loving that week.
I'm going to include categories like beauty, food, clothes, music and whatever else I've been enjoying.

Here's a few things I've been obsessing over this week:

Inecto Pure Coconut Leave In Conditioner 
I cut my hair last week and I've been using this stuff to make my hair look and feel amazing. I'll have a full post on this next week!

Slipper Socks (is that even what they're called?)
With the weather changing so quickly, I've found myself needing to wrap up a lot at night. These little guys are so warm and comfy just like slippers but without the hard sole.

Hot Chocolate 
Another cold weather essential. This has been great for warming me up in the evenings and this one's made on boiling water so I don't have to worry about having extra dairy that could flare up my eczema and ruin my life again!

Sam Smith - In the Lonely Hour

I cannot stop listening to this album.
Music from people like Regina Spektor, Sara Bareilles and Agnes Obel kind of sum up my taste in music and Sam Smith fits comfortably in the middle somewhere. Track 5 - I'm Not the Only One is my current obsession. I also love the video to this track so I'll leave it below.

Let me know what things you've been loving lately and if you like this kind of post! :)
Thanks for reading 


  1. I've been loving hot chocolate too! Mmmm :)
    Oh an my monkey slipper socks! :D xxx

    Kathleen - x

    1. I got my friend the monkey ones so we could be twins with my little sheep ones! :D Yes to hot chocolate all year round but especially when it's cold! xx


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