Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Jessica Brilliance Top Coat Review

I love a high gloss finish on my nails, especially if it gives the look of a gel manicure.
When I got the Jessica Brilliance High Gloss in a Flash top coat, I didn't get my hopes up too high but inside I was really wishing for a high shine, gel effect and lasting finish. I wasn't disappointed.

A real bonus of this polish is that it dries in an instant! It can be applied  over your base colour while it's still tacky to speed up drying time. I was a little wary of doing this in case the colour was picked up and dragged off my nail or transferred from my nail to the brush. Thankfully it didn't, I think this is down to the formula which is slightly thicker than I'm used to but not gloopy in the slightest.

They state "UV inhibitors and reflective polymers prevent chipping, smudging or yellowing."
As for chipping, each time I've used this, my nails haven't chipped. At all. Seen as I paint my nails every few days, I don't know exactly how long this keeps your nails chip free but a solid 4 days later and they look as good as new. There's no smudging of your base colour and so far, no yellowing of the polish in the bottle.

On my nails, I have Rimmel's I Heart Lasting Finish polish in the shade Pop Your Pink. I usually avoid using this because it chips so easily but with the Brilliance top coat, it stays put until I take it off.



As you can see, there's quite a difference in the before and after pictures. 

A friend had mentioned that she really wasn't a fan of this polish so I was really surprised when I liked it as much as I did. 
I've never tried Seche Vite but from what I've read and seen, this seems like a very similar polish.
If you're looking for a new top coat, I highly suggest trying this out. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. :) 
Let me know if you've tried this polish and what you thought of it!
Thanks for reading 


  1. The difference of your nails with the top coat is amazing! You also take great photos for all your posts, I think I should think of investing in a proper camera! xx

    1. The difference is insane, even better in real life! Awh thank you, I try haha. A good compact digital will do just as good a job for half the price of a bridge camera tbh. :) xxxx


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