Friday, 27 June 2014

Current Nail Polish Favourites

As you probably know if you've been reading my blog for a while, nail polish is a serious weakness of mine.
I love to paint my nails and tend to do so every two to three days. I do have a few favourites at the moment so I thought I'd share them with you.

Left to Right

Barry M Gelly - Blueberry
This beautiful blue shade is so eye-catching and gives a lovely high shine finish. I wrote a full post on this recently so you can check that out here.

Model's Own Hypergel - Cerise Shine
A gorgeous deep pink that actually looks like you've had a gel manicure. Again I have a full post on this polish.

Rimmel 60 Seconds - District-ly Come Dancing 
This is a very wearable blue toned green polish. It lasts for three days or so without a top coat. It takes two coats for full coverage and has quite a shiny finish. The only issue I have with this polish (other than the awful name) is that it takes a lot longer than 60 seconds to dry. I know I'm not the first to make this complaint but I just don't see the point in pretending that it dries in one minute when it takes at least three for a thin coat to dry. It's a lovely product to use and it just peevs me that people will probably buy this for it's fast drying time and get left feeling disappointed and deterred from buying any other polishes from the line.

Essie - Cute as a Button
I love coral shades for nails and this is the perfect coral pink in my opinion. I love that in some lighting it verges on orange. It takes two coats for full opacity and if the free edge of your nails are very white, I can imagine you might need three coats. Unfortunately, I find this chips very easily, usually within one day which is quite disappointing considering an Essie polish will set you back €10. I love this colour for a bright Spring/Summer manicure. (I also love that the name reminds me of essiebutton who I am completely obsessed with)

Catrice - Pimp my Shrimp
I had a Catrice polish very similar to this last Summer but I used up the whole bottle. I went to repurchase it and couldn't find my beloved bright orange who's name I cant recall. After the initial disappointment, I spotted Pimp my Shrimp. Judging by the name, I think this is meant to be a coral shade but it really isn't in most lighting. While it's not a pure orange, it's not pink enough for me to class as coral. That aside, I love this colour. It complements my tan so well and is a nice change from the standard blues I tend to go for. Like most polishes, this is a two coat-er and holds up for two days or so without a top coat.

Barry M - Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail Hardener
I can't recommend this highly enough. I've been using it for over a year now (not the same bottle, obviously) and I've never felt the need to look for a new basecoat or topcoat. As you guys know, I have very weak nails so I can't say that this magically made them strong and unbreakable but I can say I've never broken a nail while this was on my nails. It has an incredibly fast drying time (take note Rimmel), adds a beautiful shine and prevents chipping for up to 8 days. In general, I find, the shorter your nails, the less likely your polish is to chip. As you can see below, I've cut my nails pretty short (and broken my thumb nail </3) so this topcoat can sometimes get me 10 chip free days. With long nails, I found them chipping after four or five days but as I said, long nails seem to chip very easily.
How many times can I say "chip" in one paragraph?

Here are some swatches, taken inside and outside.
As usual, the pictures taken inside are truer to the real life colours.

Index Finger: Essie - Cute as a Button
Middle Finger: Rimmel - District-ly Come Dancing
Ring Finger: Model's Own - Cerise Shine
Baby Finger: Barry M - Blueberry
Thumb: Catrice - Pimp my Shrimp

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know you nail polish favourites and if you have any of the ones I mentioned! :)
Thanks for reading 


  1. These colors are AMAZE! I needs that Barry M Blueberry polish!! :) xxx

    1. You really do! I'm making everyone get it haha x


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