Wednesday, 12 November 2014

NOTD: Catrice - Vino Tinto

There seems to be a new trend emerging of sneaky nail polish colours that look black from afar but are actually a very deep purple when seen in the right light.

Catrice's Vino Tinto is one of those polishes. It's a beautiful dark berry colour. My camera is picking it up as a slightly more vibrant purple than it actually is. 

I love Catrice polishes. For €2.99, they offer an amazing shade range and a great quality formula. 
I find they last about four days without chipping, depending on how rough you are with your nails. I had the polish on for two days in the picture below, without a topcoat and you can see slight wearing on the tips. 

Again, my nails look much more purple in this picture than in real life. At a glance, my nails look off-black but not quite purple.

I'm seriously loving this shade and I've been wearing it so much now that it's cold outside! It's just a perfect Winter colour that matches all my clothes for this time of year. 

It's also great if you aren't one for black nail polish. I find black nails can make my already yellow skin, even more yellow looking so this is a perfect compromise. 

Let me know what nail polishes you've been loving for the past few weeks and if there's any I'm missing out on. As if I need more nail polish?!

Thanks for reading! :) 


  1. That colour is gorgeous!! I've been loving Kiko - 365 at the moment! x

    TR's Thoughts

    1. I just looked up that Kiko polish and it's beautiful! Wish they sold it here! xxxx


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