Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Easy Generic Halloween Makeup Look

If you still aren't sure about what you'd like to dress up as for Halloween, this is a really simple versatile look that can work for a zombie, dead bride, ghost girl or dead anything.

(not airbrushed, just a bad quality crop)

You can play around with this and add a completely white face or some blood around the mouth/nose/eyes, add some weird contacts or whatever else you think will look good.
I decided to do a face of foundation but in a couple of shades too light for me so I don't look ghostly, only a little ill.

These are the products I used. As you can see, it was very minimal.

The first step is to apply your chosen base. You can even use your normal foundation for this if you aren't keen on looking slightly paler. Whatever you choose, blend it down your neck, over your lips and any other visible skin. You can then set it with a pale powder if you like.
Then apply an eyeshadow primer on your lids and under your eyes.

Next, you get to start having fun.
Usually we conceal our dark circles, for this look you'll want to accentuate them as much as possible.

To start with, I applied the grey "eyelid" shade all over my lids, under the lash line and then down where your natural bags/dark circles form.

Using the same brush, I lightly picked up Garnet from the Lorac Pro Palette and placed it over the Wet n Wild shadow, but only under my eyes, keeping close to my nose and not following along the whole eye socket.

Of course, use whatever eyeshadows you like but brown, grey, purple and reddish pink are best for under the eyes. (I also set my eyebrows with Benefit Gimme Brow at this point)

Next, I took the "define" shade from the Wet n Wild palette and drew really harsh contour lines around my face.  
I contoured my cheek bones, temples and under my bottom lip.

I then blended this out to give an instant bony, sunken face effect.

My favourite step is to add a massive bruise or two to your face/chest/neck or again, anywhere that will be seen. 
I don't even have to hit up Google to know this isn't the "proper" way of creating a fake bruise but I think it works really well.

First, get a foundation that is either your normal shade if you're using a pale base, or a darker shade if you're using your normal foundation and a brown shadow and blend it into the shape you want your bruise.

I used Sable and Espresso as a base colour, the went with Deep Purple to add some colour to it. 
I kept building this until I was happy with it.

I don't have any green eyeshadows but I did remember, I had a Cover All concealer and correcter palette from Wet n Wild.

I used the green corrector in this and dabbed it around some of the bruise.

I then went back in and dabbed Deep Purple over the green. A non-shimmery purple would be good but I didn't have one.

I then just went back in with Sable and blended out the edges. 
After that, you should have a fairly realistic looking bruise! 

Make these as big or as small as you want and play around until you're happy with the results! 

What I forgot to photograph, was my lips. I kept them covered in foundation then got a lip brush and picked up a tiny amount of Rimmel Kate Moss 107 and Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy and dabbed it where your lipstick would normally rub off if you'd been drinking from a straw.

I then used the leftover lip product on the brush and dragged it under my lower lash line.

And that's it! 
This is seriously such an easy look to achieve and you don't have to be good at makeup or face-painting to do it.

I really hope this helped you out if you were in need of a Halloween look! I'll have a super simple porcelain doll/creepy porcelain doll 2-in-1 post coming on Friday so keep your eyes peeled! :)

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading :) 


  1. Love how simple yet effective this look is! Lately I am seeing some crazy art work on people that not everyone can achieve so this is a nice change. I can't wait to dress up my little one for Halloween now that she's that little bit older x

    Beauty with charm | TOOFACED GIVEAWAY

    1. Exactly, I love a crazy look but not everyone has all the crazy glues and waxes laying around! This is so easy and can be used for so many different costumes :) Thay must be so exciting!! I bet she'll look incredibly cute! :D xxxx

  2. I love how you used makeup that we all have in our makeup bags, and so easy to do. I might do this now to go out with Lillibug when she goes trick or treating haha xx

    1. That was the idea, no point in using face paint and other things that not everybody has handy. Snap me if you do do it hehe xxxx

  3. Love this! Like lilliwhite Rose said the majority of people have this stuff anyway, I don't know what I'm doing yet but this is a good option :) x

    1. You can always customise it to whatever you decide to be! :) I've got another look going up tomorrow so look out for that if you still want some inspiration. xxxx


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