Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Rimmel vs Soap&Glory: Setting Powders

If you've been reading my blog from the beginning, you'll know that I used to go through unhealthy amounts of Rimmel Stay Matte Powder.
A few months ago, I picked up One Heck of a Blot by Soap & Glory after loving the powder that comes with the Kick Ass Concealer. I'd been using it exclusively since then.

A couple of weeks ago I was really feeling the Rimmel Stay Matte vibe again so I went and got a new one.
I picked up my usual 001 Transparent and took it home ready to rekindle my love for it.

I've been using the Real Techniques Blush Brush to apply my powder lately so I automatically went in with my brush and applied  it all over my face. I was left looking a little... powdery for lack of a better word.  I also found it a little cakey under my eyes.
I then remembered I used to always use my Real Techniques sponge to apply this. Next time, I used my sponge and all was right with the world.

Both powders are mattifying, transparent setting powders.

After using One Heck of a Blot for so long, I find Rimmel Stay Matte does actually have a colour payoff which leaves me looking a little pale. This goes away with a little blending though. With S&G I don't experience any colour difference on my face.

Rimmel's powder is a little heavier than Soap & Glory's. I find One Heck of a Blot very lightweight yet still effective.

Both powders eliminate shine, help to keep your foundation in place and give a really airbrushed look to your makeup.

I've been using Stay Matte all over my face with a damp RT sponge but avoiding my undereye area. To set my concealer, I've been using One Heck of a Blot applied with the Eco Tools Full Powder brush from the Fresh and Flawless set.

You can get Rimmel Stay Matte for just under €6 for 14gm of powder. For €15 you can pick up Soap&Glory's powder which weighs 9gm. That's a bit on the pricey side for a drugstore brand in my oppinion. I hit pan after about 3 months and I know from past experience, it takes around the same time with Rimmel.

Let me know what powder you use to set your foundation. Do you only use powder on your T-Zone or all over your face?

Thanks for reading! 


  1. I have a confession to make.. I've never used setting powders before! I guess my skin is on the drier side so I don't feel as though the makeup is slipping off of my face.

    1. No way?!! I have pretty dry skin with a couple of oily patches but I love a completely matte look so I do like a good powdering haha.

  2. I still don't feel like I've found a great powder but at this point I think I'll look into investing in a high end one as anything I've tried from drugstore so far has been a let down x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Let me know how you get on if you do decide on a high end one! I'm happy enough with my drugstore ones but I'm always looking for more powders haha.

  3. I didn't really like the Stay Matte, but I may try out the Soap and Glory one now!

    TR's Thoughts

    1. Oooh if you get it I'd love to know how you find it :) I find it great and if you didn't like Stay Matte, I'd say you'll like it much better!

  4. I have dry skin and prefer a dewy look, but I'd probably shell out the extra money for the soap and glory one for the mirror and the fact it wouldn't make me any paler looking than I already am. Great review, I love comparisons :)

    1. Yeah the mirror is a selling point for me, probably should have mentioned that haha. You can get shades in the Stay Matte I just picked up the transparent one out of habit, must see what the colour selection is like with the rest of the collection! :) xxxx


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