Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Lush: New Products: Bath Bombs

I spent the day in Dublin yesterday undergoing an EEG (please let me know if you'd like a post on this) afterwards I was feeling rather exhausted and in need of a pick me up. I headed towards Boots for some retail therapy.

I didn't actually plan on going into Lush at all but from across the street, I saw a sign for the May Day bath bomb. Curiosity got the best of me so I popped on in.

I picked up the little badger faced bath bomb and instantly knew I needed it. It contains Fennel, Rosewood and Bergamot oil which have cleansing, brightening and antiseptic properties leaving you feeling uplifted. Lush say that it has a sherberty fragrance but I personally get a slightly more liquorice scent from it. I usually run a mile from liquorice anything but this is very muted.
If the cute factor alone isn't enough to reel you in, proceeds from the sales of these little guys (excluding VAT) go to organisations such as Save Me who work to vaccinate badgers and in turn prevent them from being culled.

I also picked up the Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb. This bath bomb contains ginger, pepper and lemon oils. Again, a scent I usually wouldn't go for as anything citrus scented gives me a migraine but the pepper and ginger scents manage to balance everything out.
The lady helping me out in the store told me that the outer ring of this bath bomb is actually a bubble bar so, not only do you get psychedelic bath water, you also get to soak in a relaxing bubble bath.

I'm really looking forward to using both of these! 
Have you picked any of the new products from Lush? Let me know :)
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  1. Those sound great, especially the Granny takes a dip! I've been at a Lush store recently but I didn't end up getting anything because I have so much stuff from there already! I have been thinking about getting some more bath bombs from there though so I may look into it.

    1. I actually have about 7 bath bombs and 3 bubble bars that I haven't used but there's no Lush store near me so I stock up when I get to Dublin haha. You should get the Granny Takes a Dip just because it looks so cool!! :D x


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