Saturday, 23 November 2013

Warm Fuzzies (ft. Misty)

Now that the temperatures have dropped and seem to be staying put, it's time to snuggle up beside the fire and sip on a hot beverage. 
As humans, we know when we feel cold and we know when it's time to add an extra layer. Unfortunately, our little furry friends aren't able to articulate feeling chilly and so, it's up to us to make sure they feel toasty. :) 
This applies to all sizes of dog but particularly if you have a small dog, regardless of it's coat type, it's important to keep them wrapped up when out on a walk. 

Ancol supply a large range of thermal, all-weather and knitted coats and jumpers for pooches of all sizes. (of course a quick eBay search will find you many a knitted doggy sweater for around €5). 

Something I found quite hilarious was the concept of a "dog Snuggie". Yep, an actual Snuggie for your canine companion. Of course I bought into this immediately like any crazy dog lady would. 

If your dog isn't as spoiled as mine and actually sleeps in their bed at night, try making a hot water bottle and wrapping it in a blanket and placing it under the dog. 
Hopefully I've given you guys some idea of how to keep your little buddies nice and warm this autumn/winter. 
Kisses and snuggles from both of us. :) x


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