Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Morning Skincare Routine

Facial cleansing in the morning is a must for me, however, I have extremely sensitive skin that gets really dry once the temperatures drop. Finding products that won't sting, turn my face red and blotchy or burn like the fiery pits of hell is a task I don't enjoy. Just because something is "dermatologically tested", it may not be suitable for very sensitive skin.
Thankfully I can always rely on Simple to deliver quality products at a good price and there's no risk of me looking like a tomato-human hybrid.
First, I exfoliate my lips with my homemade lip scrub (post coming soon), then I wash my face with Simple's refreshing facial wash gel. It's completely fragrance free and doesn't even irritate your eyes.  
I pat my face dry and the apply Simple's 12 hour light moisturiser. This is probably my favourite moisturiser because it almost acts as a primer. It smooths out any areas that might be dry or patchy so there's no worries about flaky foundation. 
I then dab on some Simple soothing eye balm under my eyes. This cream really helps to ease any puffiness, redness or dryness. 
Finally I apply a layer of beeswax lip balm and my skin is good to go. 
This routine really is easy on the skin and prevents you looking like you've just had an acid peel facial. If you have sensitive skin, I highly recommend looking into purchasing some Simple products if you haven't already. :)


  1. do you add the lipbalm all over your face or just lips? thx

  2. what's the pink round thing on the right in the picture? Soap? thx


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